Page 4 - Product Guide 2017
P. 4

Every step of our process has
   been designed to minimise our
   carbon footprint

        We’re proud of our achievements to innovate and significantly
        reduce our impact on the environment by;
        •	 Reusing excess steep water from the malting process to 		
        	 irrigate local crops.
        •	 Energy required for kilning our malt is obtained from 		
        	 processing locally produced biomass, without the need 		
        	 to burn fossil fuels.
        •	 Grain is grown and sourced from farmers using sustainable 	
        	 agricultural practices, which includes using the biochar
        	 produced from kilning as an organic soil enhancer.
        •	 Our base malts are packaged into fully recyclable/
        	 biodegradable bags.

Biochar - Organic soil enhancer produced from local agricultural biomass.
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